• ۱۱۸۶

Quran 3

In the Name of Allah,

the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

1 Did you see him who denies the Retribution?

2 That is the one who drives away the orphan,

3 and does not urge the feeding of the needy.

4 Woe to them who pray,

5 -those who are heedless of their prayers

6 those who show off

7 but deny aid.

نظرات: (۰) هیچ نظری هنوز ثبت نشده است
ارسال نظر آزاد است، اما اگر قبلا در بیان ثبت نام کرده اید می توانید ابتدا وارد شوید.
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