• ۱۲۱۷

Quran 1


In the Name of Allah,

the All-beneficent, the All-merciful

1 By the snorting chargers,

2 by the strikers of sparks [with their hoofs],

3 by the raiders at dawn,

4 raising therein a trail of dust,

5 cleaving therein a host!

6 Indeed man is ungrateful to his Lord,

7 and indeed he is witness to that!

8 He is indeed avid in the love of wealth.

9 Does he not know,

when what is in the graves is turned over,

10 and what is in the breasts is divulged,

11 indeed their Lord

will be best aware of them on that day?

نظرات: (۰) هیچ نظری هنوز ثبت نشده است
ارسال نظر آزاد است، اما اگر قبلا در بیان ثبت نام کرده اید می توانید ابتدا وارد شوید.
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